Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Week in Geek 6-12-14

It’s Thursday. Welcome back to This Week in Geek.

First, because I write romance, a wedding link. Last week I had geeky wedding themes. Well, people get married at Disney’s Cinderella castle all the time, but what if you could get married at a location from another Disney movie?

Oh My Disney put together a list of Fantasy Disney Wedding Locations.

Personally, I like the cliff, under the lanterns, and Elsa’s snow castle.

Moving on. Into cosplay? How about a super tech-ified cosplay costume. Check this out from IO9. It will light up your day, literally.

For our more medieval people. When a man loves regulated violence very much…. And we’re not talking about boxing.

Thanks goes to the BBC for this article--Man Falls in Love with Medieval Combat.

Finally, there’s this article from WCVB. Remember Super Mario Brothers? Wanna create your own world?

No, really.

I know, right?

Check back next Thursday for weekly geeky stuff.

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