Monday, February 23, 2015

It Is Time Part 1

Guess what.

Two more days!

Yes, two more days until CRITICAL HIT-ON is available.

And because it’s release week, some goodies. Today, we have Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: Craig

For a Thursday night, A’s Tavern is dead. All the better. We don’t need an audience for the not-so-drunken debauchery to follow. I stroll inside and head for the hostess desk, not bothering to hold the door for Parker. He’s a big boy. He can handle himself.

There’s a crash behind me, followed by a string of curses.

Or maybe he can’t. Should’ve known better. Parker’s a klutz. I’m a good friend, though. I keep walking and snicker.

Parker catches up to me and punches my shoulder. “You, my friend, are chimera excrement.”

I shrug. “I’ve been called worse. Keep up next time.”

“Two?” The host, clad in black pants and a red shirt—poor bastard—greets us and grabs a couple of menus.

“For now,” I say. “We’re expecting three more.”

Host pauses, and his eyes go glassy as if two plus three is calculus. Then he grabs three more menus. “Follow me.” He leads us to a rectangular table for six, where he practically drops the menus and silverware. Dude’s dex score is down with his int. “Your server will be right with you,” he says and then scurries back toward the front of the restaurant.

I mumble a thanks and sit. The tables around us are empty, so I pull my chair way out and make myself comfortable. In my twenty-one years, A’s hasn’t changed. The place looks like one of those old train stations. The top halves of the walls are white tile, and the bottoms are dark wood, a match for the tables and chairs. Monochrome tiles make up the floor, and a black-lacquered bar stretches the length of the restaurant. In honor of the recent Star Trek movie, there’s a neon sign over said bar advertising Free Tranya. I don’t know why they have free tranya, considering that line was from the original series and not the most recent movie, but there’s the sign. Only the second r is out. So it reads Free Tanya.

“Free Tanya.” Parker sits across from me and runs a hand over his black hair, which just makes it stick up more. Between that and the glasses, all he needs is green eyes instead of blue and a lightning scar on his forehead. “Now that, I can get behind.” And a less Weasley personality.

I scoot up to the table and am about to smack him over the head when a hand grabs my water glass and scares the hell out of me. I hit the back of my chair and look up at our waitress…our really hot waitress. Damn, how have I not noticed this girl before? Her brown hair reaches her shoulders, and her curves make the tasteless white-shirt-and-black-skirt ensemble of A’s uniform look good. My kind of girl.

Want more? Navigate over to the Critical Hit-On page for the rest of the chapter and some more info about Craig and Molly’s characters.

And then add the book on Goodreads and preorder it on Amazon because it’s awesome, and you want to read it. (Shameless plug there. Lol)

And stop back tomorrow for something else fun, and stop back on Wednesday for something else fun. And maybe even Thursday and Friday. One never knows, do they?

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