Monday, July 6, 2015

The Adventures of Deanna and BBFFFF: Episode 3

The Adventures of Deanna and BBFFFF

Geek and Friend having Life Happen to Us

Episode 3: Patriotism-ish

To all who celebrated the fourth of July, I hope it was full of food fireworks and fun (this post brought to you by the letter F). To all who didn’t celebrate, kindly disregard this paragraph.

BBFFFF and I went to trivia last week, as we frequently do. Before trivia, we hung out (as we also frequently do), and BBFFFF informed me that she was wearing red, white, and blue in honor of trivia being Independence Day themed. I own very little red, white, or blue clothing and so wondered who I would pull off this feat.

And then, an idea came to me.

I would go as the semi-patriotic person.

And so from my dresser, I fished a purple shirt and off-white shorts. I put on pink flip-flops, and ta-da, I was dressed in shades of America’s colors.

So we went to trivia, where no one understood my costume, save BBFFFF (because I explained it ahead of time) and myself. Trivia was, in a word, bad. The evening was fun enough. BBFFFF and I, however, did poorly. However, from all things bad come things good, and the following exchange occurred.

Waiter (to me): Would you like more lemonade?

BBFFFF: Sure. She’s not driving anyway.


Two weeks ago at trivia, we decided to write our team name in all symbols. We were the $A!/$, or the sails. Because Trivia Guy couldn’t figure out how to change it, our name appeared on the score screen in blue. Thank you, @.

This week, we wanted our name to be in blue again, so we made it an email address: Say it with me, “hot at MC hot dot hot.” Be sure to say it in “that voice.” You know which one I mean.

Now, if it were any other people, this would have been fine as is. But it wasn’t. When BBFFFF was writing the name, I told her she might want to spell it mckhot, as to not confuse pronunciation.

BBFFFF: I already wrote it.

Me: I’m sure it will be fine. Although, Trivia Guy might think it’s hot at m-chot dot hot.

And the moral of the story is, always spell your fake email address correctly.

Please join me next week for the next episode of…The Adventures of Deanna and BBFFFF.

BBFFFFF = Best B*tch Friend for Life…because BFF doesn’t make a fun noise when you say it.

Geek on,

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