Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy Release Day to C. R. Langille!

Happy release day to my grad school buddy and fellow writer, C. R. Langille!

What started as a hunting trip for Tobias Evard Warner II and his friends turns into a fight for survival during a supernatural storm which kicks off the apocalypse. The storm awakens and frees seven powerful creatures who were locked away at the beginning of the world’s creation. The Seven turn nightmares into reality and leave nothing but chaos and death in their wake.

Tobias fights his way through a nightmare infested wilderness to get back home to his family. With the unleashed terrors come newfound magical powers for Tobias, but at a cost. Will he sacrifice everything to ensure his family’s safety, even if it means his own soul?

Angels, demons, ancient cosmic beings, and even a dimensional-traveler clad in a trench coat made of duct tape come together in this fast-paced novel of magic, darkness, and consequences.

~Buy CONSEQUENCE at Amazon and B&N.

Folks, this guy is an awesome writer. Don’t miss this debut from a great new voice in dark fantasy and horror!

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