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Welcome to Angela Shori!

Please welcome Angela Shori and her Christmas short story, The Cabin!

Years after a tragedy that left them broken, Tressa and Chris find new hope in the magic of the holiday season. Stranded together after six years apart, they must at once face the tragedy that divided them and find forgiveness. Sprinkled among the heart-breaking memories are moments of pure joy—and isn’t that the magic of the holiday season?

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What is your favorite Christmas song?

I've always loved Carol of the Bells, although I admit that in spite of learning it word for word in choir a lifetime ago, when I sing along it becomes a cacophony of ba da da das interspersed with the word BELLS every so often.

What about movie?

That one's easy. Love Actually. I just learned recently that there are actually people in the world who do not like this movie. I know right? It's got every incarnation of love you can think of, and I challenge you not to break down and bawl like a baby at the real-life airport scenes at the beginning and end. Add in the ensemble cast and the zany side stories, and I can and do watch it again and again.

Would you share a line from your book and what makes it special to you?

"Chris grabbed the first thing that came to hand, a peculiar statue of Santa Claus with a fishing pole, and crept up the stairs."

The ridiculousness of using Santa in any incarnation as a weapon is really funny and real to me. My grandfather had a collection of these crazy Santas when I was growing up, and this was my way of bringing a little bit of that history as well as humor into what, for Chris, is a pretty tense situation.

How did your character(s) get into the situation we see in the book, and why Christmas?

To me, Christmas has always been a time to celebrate new beginnings. Chris and Tressa find themselves forced to face something neither really wanted to address. Truthfully, they get themselves stranded together by not doing the things that would have kept their relationship healthy in the first place. They didn't communicate. Tressa at least tries to put on a good face, but that's hard to do with someone who knows you so well. So The Cabin, a place of history for them, is also the only place in the world for them in that moment where they can truly let down their guards and be themselves.

What's next for you?

I’m currently working on the first in my Sunday Brunch Club series titled Minor Adjustments. Your readers will be able to sample the first couple of chapters when they download The Cabin. It centers around a newlywed couple Alyx and Ty who get the surprise of their life in the form of a not unwanted but certainly unplanned pregnancy. Hilarity ensues as they navigate the changing landscape of their relationship and deal with the cosmic shift from DINKs (double income, no kids) to parents. The cast of characters is rounded out by Alyx’s best friends, kindergarten by day/Jazz singer by night Bette, and savvy and got-it-all-together Lana who will have their own books once Alyx is finished telling her tale.

About Angela

Angela Shori is an author, publisher, and marketer living and writing in Austin, TX. She is an expert on content strategy, traveling with children, and bedtime monster removal.

Angela's reading and writing preferences are an eclectic mix of children's books, women's fiction, chick-lit, mommy-lit, parenting, and travel.

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