Monday, February 15, 2016

Interview with Love is Blind Hop Participant: Francis Powell!

Hop participant interview!

Join me for an interview with Francis Powell

-What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day?

A nice meal in a restaurant with my family. This year we went to some horse racing. I am not a fan of horse racing , but there is a track not far from where we live and it makes a nice afternoon for my three year old son. For extra entertainment, there were some incredible Cossack riders, doing some incredible stunts. My son was very impressed.

-What’s your favorite kind of candy?

I have a terrible sweet tooth and can devour a lot of chocolate.

-Are there romantic elements in your stories? If so, how are they used?

I am not sure there are too many romantic elements in my stories, in fact it is quite the opposite, they are more about break ups and the treachery of lovers. In one of my short stories called "Flawless" a man is about to marry the woman of his dreams. As he is proposing an insect appears and he is forced to swallow it. He develops a terrible unknown skin disease and his intended turns her attention to his brother and plans to marry him instead. The man Sirius Piecroft is bitter and twisted and plans his revenge, while the two are marrying at the church alter. He takes and axe with him and makes a dramatic entry. As he is about to attack his brother, this insect flies out of his mouth and miraculously his skin is restored to its normal condition. It is a story that touches on the subject of how fickle people can be and how we are obsessed by perfect skin and appearance. There are lots of other examples of treachery as regards to love in my stories.

-Do you find writing a good romantic scene easy or difficult?

I am not sure about romance but writing a scene that involves sex, has to be done in a particular way. For me it has to be in keeping with the story. There are some of my stories that contain sexual elements. One story even starts off with… Mercedes Shwartz had just had the most incredible orgasm, but her pleasure was still incomplete.I would say if you are a horror writer, or a suspense writer, or whatever your genre, the sex parts in your stories, should not seem like they have been pasted in, to add a bit of spice to your story, but should be natural elements that enhance your stories. There has to be the same tension that pervades in the other elements in your stories. It has to be in keeping with the characters of the stories as well the moods.

-What type of romance stories do you typically enjoy reading?

Romance books are really not my thing at all. This is not to say I am totally unromantic...


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