About M.T. DeSantis

[Hey, there will totally be a better picture of me here once I get one I’m happy with. For now, enjoy this friendly image of me and a rather large mountain…but mostly the mountain.]

M.T. DeSantis currently resides in a small city on the U.S. eastern seaboard. When not writing, she can be found practicing yoga, attempting to answer trivia questions in restaurants, or plotting her next adventure.

M.T. grew up in beautiful New England, where she earned her BA in Psychology from Merrimack College. After taking a semester off, she started grad school, moved, and finished grad school in 2014 the proud new holder of an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. She now writes from the relative comfort of a chair somewhere.

And now, the bio of M.T.’s former pen name, Deanna Dee, preserved here for posterity.

Deanna Dee is strictly human and does not, to her knowledge, own a hyena. She lives by the sea, which she takes full advantage of in the summer time. Reading, people, and pop culture make up the shameless downtime of her life. The rest of it is writing, and she’s okay with that.

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