Monday, June 29, 2015

The Adventures of Deanna and BBFFFF: Episode 2

The Adventures of Deanna and BBFFFF

Geek and Friend having Life Happen to Us

Episode 2: Ferrule

Last week at trivia, Trivia Guy had a round of questions that dealt with uncommon words. BBFFFF and I failed at coming up with the correct answers for most of these, but I learned some new words. So I’m not complaining too much.

One of the questions was “a ferrule is a small metal tube that holds together what common handheld item?” We had no idea, so we left it blank. After leaving most of the rest of the answers blank (or filling them in with nonsense responses), Trivia Guy collected our sheet. At this point, he noticed that BBFFFF was not using the pen he’d loaned her.

Trivia Guy: Does that pen not work?

BBFFFF: (tossing down the pen I loaned her upon the discovery that Trivia Guy’s pen did not work) No.

Trivia guy then took our sheet and walked away.

Me: (after short pause) Oh, crap.


Me: (lamely) I wonder if that common handheld item is a pen.

BBFFFF and I were silent (a rare occasion) for a moment and then cracked up at our own foolishness (a common occurrence).


Other noteworthy things that happened last week

Prior to trivia, I informed BBFFFF that I needed newspaper for wrapping things and that Co-Cap had told me that I could snag some free newspaper type things wherever free newspaper type things are the free equivalent of sold. BBFFFF said we could go to a store that shall remain nameless to protect the innocent/guilty. We went to the place that shall not be named, and I proceeded to make the expensive investment of 80 cents.

BBFFFF grabbed a rather large pile of the place-that-shall-not-be-named’s advertising fliers. She then ran out of the store very quickly as, most likely, not to be seen by store employees who might be wondering why she was making off with their advertising fliers. In her defense, the fliers are free.


On my recent Disney trip, I got my finger caught in a door. It was a pretty severe moment, and the effects are still noticeable. Looking at it this past week, Co-Cap remarked that it was possible I’d lose my nail. When I showed it to BBFFFF on Friday, she came to a similar conclusion. I was initially very upset about this potential eventuality. However, I have since gotten over it and adopted the following mindset.

“If my fingernail falls off, we can have a birthday party for the new one when it grows in.”

A ferrule is used in pencils. Want more information? Check out this Wikipedia article.

Please join me next week for the next episode of…The Adventures of Deanna and BBFFFF.

BBFFFFF = Best B*tch Friend for Life…because BFF doesn’t make a fun noise when you say it.

Geek on,

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