Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wondrous Words Wednesday 8-26-15

Welcome to this week’s Wondrous Words Wednesday, hosted by The Bermuda Onion.

Here’s how it works. Find a new word(s)? Blog about it/them and then link up at the host blog.

Here are my words for the week.

Striae - a band, line, streak, or stripe.

Amictic - incapable of being fertilized : parthenogenetic: producing eggs that develop without fertilization

Chicanery - 1 : deception by artful subterfuge or sophistry : trickery 2 : a piece of sharp practice (as at law) : trick

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  1. I knew two out of three. Thanks for making me feel smart today. Amictic is new to me - I'm curious about the context you found it in.

    1. Funny story, actually. I went to look up amici, but I couldn't get a good definition. Somehow or other, I found myself looking at the next and previous words in the dictionary. Amictic was the next word. I didn't know what it meant, so I looked it up. And now it's here.

  2. Two new words for me. That first one is interesting.

  3. I remember chicanery from high school or college but the other words are new to me.