Friday, March 11, 2016

Conversations While Being Chased by a Dragon

Trying something new again. Often these types of post fall into obscurity after a few weeks, but we’ll see.

I got this idea from another blog I saw, and I liked it. So here’s the attempt with my own spin.

What I’d tell you if…

…I were being chased by a fire-breathing dragon through a dark cave on an unknown planet surrounded by active volcanoes and heroic music which invariably meant I would survive because the hero(ine) always survives.

~It’s hot in here!

~I’m giving a presentation tomorrow on preparing to publish, and I’m really excited about it. Recap next week!

~Talking helps! (And sometimes talking while being chased by a fire-breathing dragon is the best time.)

~You can’t be unhappy when you’re grateful. (And I’m even grateful for the dragon because it means I’m alive and kicking.)

~When I get out of this cave (since I know I will due to the previously mentioned music), I will resume being all I can be and more.

*dodges ball of flame*

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