Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wondrous Words Wednesday 4-29-15

Welcome to this week’s Wondrous Words Wednesday, hosted by The Bermuda Onion.

Here’s how it works. Find a new word(s)? Blog about it/them and then link up at the host blog.

Here are my words for the week. All of this week’s words come from Purple Prose by John Flanagan, a short story set in the world of his Ranger’s Apprentice series.

Fulsome - expressing something (such as praise or thanks) in a very enthusiastic or emotional way.

Felicitous - well-suited for the occasion, as an action, manner, or expression; apt; appropriate.

Contumelious - insolently abusive and humiliating

Multifarious – of many and various kinds

Temerity - the quality of being confident and unafraid of danger or punishment especially in a way that seems rude or foolish.

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  1. My first visit to your blog. You shared some great words today. Only one I am going to have to go find the pronunciation- contumelious. They are not in my everyday vocabulary, but I should try to incorporate them periodically. Thanks

  2. Contumelious - such a pretty word, but not a nice meaning.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Nice blog...first time visiting.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog

  3. My first visit to your blog too. I like how all of your words could be great descriptions for characters. I'm going to assume they describe people in Purple Prose. (Great title.) Based on those assumptions, I think I know what kind of characters are in the book. I'm glad you joined in with the word game. Play again.

  4. I was very fond of the title, too.

    Actually, the main character is faced with writing a speech for a friend's wedding, and these are all words that (thankfully) don't end up in the final draft. :)

  5. Wow, good words! I like the sound of saying the word temerity :-)

  6. I knew felicitous but the other words are new to me. Fulsome kind of sounds like what it is so I should be able to remember it.